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  • Buy the best USA products
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  • Consolidate packages
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Get "Almost" Free Shipping

Our consolidation service can further discount our shipping rates for a total of 80% off. It's like getting free international shipping on your additional packages.

Here Is How It Works:

  • Order from multiple websites.
  • Ship all the orders to your U.S. address.
  • We combine your orders into one box and forward to you.

Why Consolidating Packages Saves You Money:

  • Carriers charge more for the first pound or kilo. When you ship packages separately, you will pay for this fee twice.
  • Websites use large boxes with lots of packaging material.
  • We carefully re-package your items, removing the extra packaging material so your box is as small and light as possible.
  • Even if the website ships to your country, we still save you money when you are buying from multiple stores.

Reduce the Size & Weight of Your Box

You can also select our consolidate service when you have only one box to ship.

  • Reduce the size of the original shipping box
  • Remove items from their original packaging
  • Choose which items to leave in their original packaging
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