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USAMail1 Debuts a Dynamic New Website Design

International and domestic shoppers can now take advantage of USAMail1's online shopping, shipping, and mail management services through its new easy-to-navigate website.
January 22, 2013: USAMail1 further delivers on its promise to provide customers with the best possible, shopping, shipping and mail management experience by redesigning its website to include features that simplify the process.

The website has been updated to make it easier than ever for consumers and businesses to setup a mailbox and manage their mail from anywhere they happen to be at the moment. Many of USAMail1's customers are avid travelers and need access to their mail and parcels from various places throughout the country, and throughout the world.

While browsing through the new website at, customers can easily setup a mailbox that gives them access to their very own shipping address and start ordering from US-based shops almost immediately. Through the redesign, customers will now have their very own user-friendly portal where they can manage shipments with a click of a button. Regardless of location, shoppers can setup automated emails, alerting them when new mail has arrived to their mailbox. From this portal, they can choose to discard certain items and schedule shipments with their choice of carrier. A handy online address book will keep all shipping addresses in one place for easy access.

The redesign makes it even easier for international business owners to setup a virtual office in the US with a US address, mailbox, voicemail and fax. On the new USAMail1 website, business owners can manage their US inventory and shipments to customers, creating an international presence without the cost of maintaining their own fully-staffed office and warehouse.

International shoppers will appreciate how the redesign makes it easier for them to take advantage of US prices and deals, buying the brands they love, consolidating shipments and sending their purchases wherever they are in the world.

Now, it's also easier for US residents who are traveling for extended periods to manage their incoming mail. Junk mail can be discarded and pressing documents can be scanned and forwarded. It's all at their fingertips with this newly redesigned website.

About USAMail1:

USAMail1 is an industry leader, providing shopping, shipping and mail management solutions for families and businesses worldwide. Its service bridges borders with a new customer-centric ecommerce platform that makes the US marketplace more accessible to international shoppers, promoting economic growth in this connected world.

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