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USAMail1 Opens a World of Possibility with its Parcel Pass Program

With the 30-Day Parcel Pass program, international and domestic customers can have access to a US mailbox for under ten dollars.
April 22, 2013: While continuing to honor its commitment to innovation in the mail management industry, USAMail1 has just launched a new pricing structure that opens a world of possibility to an ever-expanding global market. Before the launch of the 30-Day Parcel Pass program, all customers signed up for a subscription-based service. Now, anyone can have short-term access to their very own US shipping address, among other perks, for less than ten dollars.

USAMail1 is among a select few mail forwarding and management organizations to offer such a convenience, but it is the first organization to roll out such a program with access to premium features, such as a free US fax number, unlimited package shipping, free commercial invoice preparation and flexible scheduling. The 30-Day Parcel Pass includes many of the same features as the full subscription; it is simply limited to 30 days. USAMail1 launched the program in response to increasing customer demand for a one-time mail and package management solution. Now, customers have a chance to test the service before they decide to subscribe. Other customers may opt for the 30-Day Parcel Pass because they don't have a need for a US mailbox year round. For those who only need a US address once every few months, the Parcel Pass is a perfect solution.

Customers can sign up for Parcel Pass on USAMail1's website in just four steps and immediately gain access to their USA mailbox. The service will automatically cancel after 30 days, so there's no need to follow up or worry about additional charges. Once the account is created, customers will have access to their very own user-friendly portal where they can manage shipments with a click of a button. Regardless of where they are in the world, customers can choose to discard items received or schedule shipments with their choice of carrier.

About USAMail1:

USAMail1 is the go-to source for shipping and mail management solutions for many families and businesses around the world; a role that the company takes very seriously. As such, USAMail1 eagerly responds to consumer feedback with new and innovative programs, such as the 30-Day Pass. This is all done in an effort to bridge borders and make the US marketplace more accessible to shoppers worldwide.

USAMail1 customers are international shoppers who want easy access to the ever-expanding US marketplace. They are nomads who travel the country or even the globe and need a home base for their mail and package deliveries. They are also small businesses throughout the world who need a virtual US office and warehouse to consolidate shipments and maintain a US address and phone number. Ultimately, USAMail1 is dedicated to promoting economic growth in this very connected world.

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