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Clearance Process

All goods imported into Australia must be cleared by Customs. Importers are responsible for obtaining a formal Customs clearance for goods with a value of $1000 (AUD) or greater.

Consignments valued below $1000 (AUD) will be processed via a self accessed declaration.

Customs does employ cost-recovery schemes for processing declarations. The amount of the cost depends on whether the entry is submitted as an electronic or manual declaration.

If you are a private importer and want to clear your own goods, Customs does provide assistance. You should contact a Customs Information Centre on 61-1300-363-263 for further information.

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Document Requirements

All shipments should have an International Airway Bill as well as a completed Commercial Invoice that covers each of the following: invoice terms (FOB, CIF, etc); currency (US dollars, AU dollars, etc); name and complete address of the consignor and consignee; complete description of the goods; country of origin of the goods; quantity of the goods, selling price of the goods to the buyer; labour costs incurred in packing the goods; value of the outside packages; amount of any royalties paid; amounts of any freight or insurance costs associated with the transport to Australia; any details that might affect the selling price such as discounts, rebates, compensation, etc. The customer is also responsible for securing any licences and/or permits required for clearance of the goods as regulated by any other government agency(s).

All multiple piece shipments (MPS) require a commercial invoice detailing the contents of each individual package within the shipment.

Customs Valuation

Customs determines the value of the goods imported into Australia based on the World Trade Organization (WTO) Valuation Agreement. This valuation system is used by most trading nations.

The most common method used to determine the customs value is the transaction value method, which is based on the price actually paid (or payable) for the imported goods. However, in applying the transaction value method, there must not be any corporate or personal relationship between the buyer and seller that has had an effect on the price.

The price paid might be subject to adjustment. In some cases this could involve additions for commissions or royalties not included in the original price. If the price paid (or payable) cannot be accepted as the basis for determining the customs value, the Customs would consider alternative valuation methods.

All costs for foreign inland freight and foreign inland insurance incurred by the purchaser are included in the customs value. Likewise, the cost of outside packages and labour for packing are included in the customs value.

Where a "price" will form the basis of a customs value and that price is not in Australian dollars, it will be converted to Australian dollars at the ruling rate of exchange on the day that the goods were exported.

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Import Duties

Rates of duty payable by an importer are determined by the classification of goods within the Australian Customs Tariff.

In some circumstances, anti-dumping or countervailing measures, which result in the imposition of additional rates of duty, may also apply.

A Customs processing fee applies to goods that require formal entry to customs of $54.20 (AUD) which includes a $6.50 (AUD) quarantine fee for which a declaration is lodged.

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Make sure to browse the FedEx International Resource Center for more information about Shipping & Mail Forwarding to Australia.

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